2500km of West Malaysia in 2 Weeks

I recently got back from a jam-packed two weeks in Malaysia 🇲🇾. Although it took 3 flights (including a cancelled one 😒) and 40 hours to get there, from England, it was well worth it! I went to visit my boyfriend, Stef, who is currently studying there and together we managed to see different cities, towns and an island, in just 2 short weeks. Now we didn’t really have much of a plan, in fact we had no plan until I arrived. Thankfully, Stef’s cousin and auntie were more than happy to give us suggestions on where to visit and within an hour we had a solid plan…

Spend a couple of days exploring…..

Kuala Lumpur

We were staying in Subang Jaya, which is just a 40 minute train ride away from the city centre of Kuala Lumpur. So we allowed a couple of days to explore KL. Read how we spent our day in KL city here.

Then drive 2 hours south to:

Melaka City

We spent a night in this beautiful river city, before driving back to Subang Jaya. Read about the most unique coffee in Melaka.

Ipoh, Perak

A day later, we drove another 2 hours north of Kuala Lumpur to the state of Perak, specifically it’s capital Ipoh, where we also stayed a night. Check out what to do in Ipoh here!


Cutting it quite close, the day we returned from Ipoh, we rushed to the airport to catch a 1 hour flight to Langkwai, one of Malaysia’s islands. We looked into driving/taking a ferry but it would have taken about 14 hours and compared to the 1 hour flight that cost less than £40 return our decision was made. We stayed there for two nights and I’d say it was my favourite 2 days of the trip.

Cameron Highlands

Our last mini trip of Malaysia was the Cameron Highlands, a bit further away, it actually took us close to 4 hours to get there due to some traffic. If we had planned better we could have combined it with our trip to Ipoh as it’s not that far from the Cameron Highlands, but hey we know for next time!

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