Ok so travelling is on the back burner at the moment. But these products can still help you be more sustainable in your day to day life too! These are all products that I myself use to reduce my waste and generally lessen my impact on the environment. These small changes won’t make a massive difference but small or large I think we all need to try and do what we can to protect our environment. I will acknowledge that part of the problem is mass consumerism and buying a bunch of things to help might seem counterintuitive. However these are products you will get a lot of use out and will reduce your waste in the long run.

Disclaimer: There are affiliate links throughout this post, which means if you purchase an item through these links, then I’ll get a small commission, at no extra cost to you. It simply helps me to run my blog!

Water bottle

So carrying a water bottle around with you is a very small but basic thing. I’m sure you know that plastic water bottles are terrible for the environment but did you know that in the UK, we litter 700,000 plastic bottles daily that’s 5.5 billion a year!

Ever since I bought my Simple Modern thermal water bottle, I have gotten so much use out of it! Which you can tell by the scratches on it πŸ˜…. The best part about it is that it’s double walled which means it keeps your water ice cold for up to 24 hours! And it works! I live in Cyprus, where we have 5 month summers of 30ΒΊ-40ΒΊC heat. I once left the bottle in the car, in the sun for 2 hours and it was still ice cold! It’s perfect for travelling too, because you can have it in your bag, empty and once you go through security, you can fill it up. Most airports have drinking water fountains! But I even take it with me to work, or if I’m just going out for the day!

The first link is the bottle I have in Rock Candy. But they have many different styles and sizes!

Coffee Cup

Speaking of cups. Those paper takeaway cups you get from your coffee shops are not as green as you think! You may be thinking, but they’re paper not plastic… well they’re actually a mix because they need to be waterproof. The UK gets through 10,000 paper coffee cups in 2 minutes, that totals to 7 million a day. Having worked in as a barista both in a local London cafe and a big chain, those stats do not surprise me. And in Cyprus I feel there is no awareness around waste. Almost 95% of customers I serve specifically ask for takeaway cups, even though they are sitting in. And now during summer it’s mostly iced drinks which are served in purely plastic cups. I’m not going to get into what big corporations who own these chains can do to help, because they could do a lot, but I’m talking about what you as an individual can do. Buy a reusable cup!

I have a thermal coffee mug! Which I absolutely love for travelling and I’ll tell you why. Have you ever had coffee on a plane? It’s not great coffee and it’s usually undrinkable. Well what I do, if I don’t fancy a coffee while I’m at the airport, or don’t have time to sit and drink one, I’ll buy one and have them make it in my thermal mug. Then hours later when I’m all cosy on the plane and fancy a good hot coffee, I can enjoy one. It keeps it piping hot! This is tested! I was flying once from Budapest to Larnaca (3 hour flight). I bought a coffee at the airport before departing, planning to drink it on the plane, however I fell asleep throughout the whole flight and forgot about it. A couple hours after landing, when I was home I remembered the coffee and it was still piping hot! That’s approximately 5/6 hours! If you’re a coffee or hot tea lover then this is perfect! I love that it seals completely, many coffee mugs have a lid for sipping, which means when you’re done and you put it back in your bag, some tiny drops at the bottom will leak out into your bag. So I love that I don’t have to worry with this one! My mum has one too which she uses on her morning commute to work! I also love that if I’m rushing in the morning and haven’t finished my coffee I can chuck it in my bag! Not to mention that many cafes offer a discount if you bring your own cup!

The first link is the mug I have but Simple Modern also have some insulated coffee cups including a tumbler style one with a straw which is perfect for iced coffees!

Reusable Straws

While we’re still on the topic of drinks: straws! Now there’s been a bit of a crusade on plastic straws lately, and for good reason! More than 550 million straws are thrown away daily by the UK and USA. Not only that but plastic straws don’t really break down, they just break down into smaller pieces that endanger marine life and by consuming marine life, us too. Every straw ever made still exists in some form, think about that.

I bought a pack of metallic straws that come in a little pouch, perfect for carrying in your bag! They also have an oil slick pattern which I love! I have 4, so if I’m out with friends I can help them reduce their plastic use too! Now I will admit, I don’t always remember to bring them with me. Or sometimes if I do have them with me, I will forget to ask for no straw with my drink. But I am getting more into the habit of doing so, and that’s what matters! Again these are perfect for travelling but also just having with you, if you’re going out for drinks with some friends!

The first link is for the straws I have. Keep in mind they are longer than the average straw (I didn’t realise when I bought them) they’re for tall glasses. But there are so many sizes and styles on the market!

Bamboo Razor

If you use razors often then you should know that plastic disposable razors are not recyclable. And think about how many you must go through?

I actually can’t recommend a bamboo double edge safety razor enough! If you do use razors then this is worth buying! It’s not even expensive, there are plastic disposable ones that cost more! With this razor, you just need to buy one! No buying packs of razors, wondering whether you have enough for your trip or if you’ve run out. And no waste! Just forgetting the fact that they’re better for the environment, they’re just better razors than the plastic ones you buy in a multipack!

I find I get a much closer shave with this razor, and it looks so much nicer and more aesthetically pleasing than plastic ones! And if I can feel fancy while helping the environment then why not?? Plus because it’s double edged, I find it more efficient! And you can properly clean the hairs out because it comes apart! DO be careful though because the blade in there is really sharp – duh. I use it on my travels and at home! I also haven’t had any razor bumps from using it! Plus, I’ve had it for 10 months and only now need to change the blade inside.

I have the Bambaw bamboo handled safety razor, but there are many options and styles out there!

Menstrual Cup

Did you know that 90% of period pads are plastic, and 6% of tampons? Think about how many you might go through each month. Not to mention the cost of buying these products every month (but that’s a whole other issue). Disposable feminine hygiene products contribute a lot to plastic pollution yearly.

There are a few more sustainable options on the market nowadays, from period underwear to reusable pads. I can’t really say much for them but I can speak for the menstrual cup. I’ve been using the OrganiCup Menstrual cup for over a year now and this is why I’d recommend it. Not only is it environmentally friendly, by reducing your waste, but it also helps you save money in the long run. Also it’s perfect for travelling! Because if you’re going away for a while, you don’t have to worry about packing enough pads or tampons, or about finding a store in a foreign country that sells the brands you like. It’s just one small item you can easily pack! Not only that but you don’t have to worry about changing it as much, it’s safe to wear for up to 12 hours, compared to tampons which is 4-8 hours. And they’re made of medical grade silicone so you don’t run the risk of infection that you do with tampons! They’re also perfect if you’re at the beach or pool, so you don’t have to miss out if you’re on your period! I will say it does take some getting used to using it but the benefits, for me, make it worth it!

I’m really pleased with the OrganiCup but there are many different brands out there!


Not exactly a product, but this is probably the easiest thing you can do right now to help the environment. Literally just switch your search engine from Google to Ecosia. They use their profits to plant trees around the world. So with every search you make, you help the organisation. It takes 45 searches to plant 1 tree. There’s also an app with a homescreen widget you can use on your phone too!


So these are just a few products I use to help reduce my waste. There are so many more things you could do to help, just by getting into the mindset of protecting our environment, your whole lifestyle may change. For example I don’t eat meat which reduces my carbon footprint significantly. Point is we have one world, small or large we need to be doing whatever we can to protect it. Have a beautiful day, until next time! 😘


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