5 Quarantine Photoshoot Ideas

We’re all stuck inside at the moment, so it’s the perfect time to try and get creative with photography! I want to keep making new content for Instagram, so I’ve been experimenting and testing out some different photoshoot ideas you can do at home! Hope you enjoy!

1. Flowers Flowers Flowers

Head out into the garden and pick some colourful flowers! Then find a blank wall, I chose one by my bed, and tape each flower onto the wall to create a pattern! For an extra floral effect, leave behind 2/3 flowers and tape them to your camera lens. Make sure they’re extended out enough so you can see them on the edge of your frame! You’ll get this beautiful framing at the bottom of your photo! Now plop yourself in the middle and get shooting! Experiment with different poses and angles.

✨TIP: If you don’t know what to do with your hands, find something to hold, like some flowers, a coffee mug, or even your pet! 😅

2. Light and Shadows

Look around your house for spots where there are interesting shadows and light shapes! For example shutters. In the afternoon the light streams through my shutters onto my bed and walls creating this film noir aesthetic. Which is why I decided to go all serious for this shoot! Very different to my usual smiling photos! The above photos where taken on my phone (Huawei P30) I had it on a tripod and used a remote shutter to take the photos. For the below photos I used my Canon700D and took a few selfies with it, so I got some closer shots!

✨TIP: To get this dramatic lighting, adjust your exposure to the brightest part of your photo, by lowering the shutter speed and aperture to let less light in. You want to uder expose the shadows and correctly expose the light parts. If you’re using a phone, just tap on the brightest part and it will adjust the exposure.

I also took some further away shots, again using my phone and remote shutter. I had to have one smiling photo in there 😅.

3. Nature Lover

If you have a garden or any sort of greenery in your home then you can take some beautiful selfies! I went out into the garden, where we have a walnut tree with these beautiful leaves. 🌿 I experimented with different angles, working with the direction of the sunlight. There’s nothing like natural sunlight to make photos pop! I attached a twisty tripod onto a sturdy branch and with my remote shutter, started shooting! I love that the sun streaming though the leaves creates a lot of depth in the photos.

You can also try placing your phone or camera on the ground, looking up to get some sky in too! Didn’t work too well because low angles usually don’t for me, but it’s worth trying!

These are all the products I used for these shoots:

🔹Huawei P30 – It has an amazing phone camera, I use it for a lot of my photos

🔹Canon 700D – Great for film and photography

🔹Phone tripod – The type with the twisty legs, very versatile and allows you to get unexpected angles

🔹Ring Light + remote shutter – A ring light can act as a perfect stand for your phone, even if you don’t use the light. The remote shutter is the most important bit though! It allows you to take photos alone, without having to dart back and forth with timers! I highly recommend purchasing a remote shutter!

Disclaimer: These are affiliate links, which means that if you purchase through them, I get a small commission off the sale but it comes at no extra cost to you! It’s just one small way to help me keep my website up and running! And I will only recommend products I myself use or have used.

4. Ultimate Mirror Selfie

So I’m sure you’ve seen the taking-the-mirror-outside photo trend! Well I took inspiration from @diarywings creative selfie ideas, where she taped flowers and leaves onto a mirror. And I combined that idea with the outside mirror ideas to get a tropical blue sky vibe 🌴.

✨TIP: Make sure you clean your mirror, properly. A lot of good shots were ruined by a toothpaste stain 🙄.

5. Flat Lay

A flat lay is a cool way to show what you’ve been up to during quarantine, or what your latest Netflix addictions is. Which in my case is Gilmore Girls! I watched it years ago and I’m now addicted to rewatching the whole thing! Also, just like Lorelai and Rory, I love coffee so that had to be included. And if you’ve ever seen Gilmore Girls, you’ll know that that the girls never watch anything without junk food, hence the chocolate chip cookies 😝.

I actually did this shoot just before the light and shadows shoot so I like the addiction of the light streaming through the shutters! It adds to that moody aesthetic! But this is a chance to get creative! You can keep it simple like I did or go all out! I had to do one with just coffee coz I love coffee ☕️.

If you want to see more in depth, into how I took these photos, you can check out my Youtube video! While you’re over there make sure you subscribe!

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