9 Things Not To Miss In Langkawi

1. Island Hopping

Many boats gathering at the first Island

If there’s one thing you’re going to take from this list it should be island hopping! I’m not saving the best till last this time 😌. Langkawi has many small islands surrounding it and there are different ways you can see them:

One is with jet skis, rent jet skis and tour the islands yourself or with a guide. Jet skis can be a bit pricey (relatively) so what we did was go on a boat tour. It was a 3 hour tour, visiting three different islands. We got our boat tour from a place along Pantai Cenang beach. It only cost 50RM per person (£10) but prices may vary, depending where you go and what the tour includes.

Jet skis on Pantai Cenang beach

A mini bus picked us up from Pantai Cenang and took us to a dock where there were many boats, we boarded on and set off. We got to our first island, Pulau Dayang Bunting which translates to “Isle of the Pregnant Maiden” because apparently that’s what the island looks like! We were given 1 hour here and then the boat came to pick us up.

About to board our boat
Really excited to be on a boat…
Isle of Pregnant Maiden

The next island we went to (I’m not sure what it was called) was the eagle island because there are many eagles circling the island. We didn’t get off the boat, the boat just stopped for a few minutes and we watched the eagles for a bit before heading to the next island. 

You can kind of see the eagles in this pic

The next island had a monkey beach! We were given 45m here and it had a beautiful beach with light blue waters and white sand! There were so many monkeys bobbing about up and down the beach 🐒.

The beach on the third island we visited

I can’t recommend island hopping enough! There are also more luxurious options where you can rent bigger boats that also provide food and drinks, it’s worth asking around on the beaches of the mainland. Chances are if you’re walking down one of the main beaches like Pantai Cenang there will be people asking you if you want jet skis, boat trips or other water sports.

Definitely don’t miss island hopping!

2. Swim in a Freshwater Lake

Panorama of the freshwater lake
Dayang Bunting Marble

This brings me back to the first island I mentioned, Pulau Dayang Bunting aka The isle of the Pregnant Maiden. This island is home to a freshwater lake, which is part of the Dayang Bunting Marble Geoforest Park. It only cost 6RM (£1) to enter the park and it’s a short but steep hike up to the lake. You don’t want to miss this lake, the views are beautiful!

The water is crisp but not too cold and you can’t see the bottom! I don’t know how deep it is (and I’m not sure I want to know 😅) so if you’re not a great swimmer make sure you rent a lifejacket which they have available there. Even if you are a good swimmer they recommend wearing a lifejacket!

Walking up the the lake

3. Beach Day

Pantai Cenang Beach

There’s nothing better than a beach day, in my opinion! Growing up in Cyprus (a Mediterranean island 🏖) I feel like going to the beach is part of our culture! I mean in the sweltering summer months it’s necessary just to cool off ☀️! So I love just chilling out on the beach! We went to Pantai Cenang beach!

If you’re in Langkawi for a few days, dedicate a day just to relax on the beach! We were only there for two days, but we combined a beach day with island hopping, spending the whole morning relaxing on the beach then island hopping in the afternoon 😎. 

Rent some loungers, lie down and watch the waves, catch up on some reading or sleeping! If you sit in front of any beach bars there will probably be music so just enjoy and take it all in. We were on Pantai Cenang beach and luckily it wasn’t busy at all which I loved, it was very peaceful, the beach bar we sat by was playing soft music, it was lovely!

Relax, have a swim, take a walk along the beach! We walked right to the end of the beach and found a forest of palm trees! I love palm trees, Cyprus is full of palm trees but the ones here are different, so I naturally took a billion pics of them! After our walk we cooled down with some fresh watermelon juice and it was just what we needed! 

Watermelon juice on the beach 🍉
Palm trees for days

Especially if you’ve been doing stuff non-stop, you need a day to recharge, so don’t miss the chance to relax on the beach while in Langkawi!

Sandy feet

4. Collect Seashells

‘She’ might sell seashells on the seashore but, you can head to Pantai Cenang beach and collect as many seashells as you want for free! Seriously I was shocked at how many seashells there were!

So if that’s your thing, spend some time walking along the beach and collect some lovely shells! They’re pretty and make great (free 😉) souvenirs! Then you can take some cool photos of them too!

5. Eat Seafood

Orkid Ria Seafood

Anytime you visit somewhere by the sea, I feel like you have to try the seafood! If you eat seafood that is. Langkawi has many great fresh seafood restaurants and you definitely don’t want to miss out on that! We went to a restaurant called Orkid Ria Seafood. A local place not far from Pantai Cenang beach. We had buttered king prawns which were delicious! We also got some special fried rice with prawns, grilled veggies and spring rolls.  

Buttered prawns

6. Sky Cab Cable Car

Now it’s a bit hypocritical that I’ve put this on the list because we did miss the Sky Cab Cable Car! We went to the Sky Cab on our last day, but unfortunately the cable car was closed due to high winds and we were leaving later on that day. However just by looking at the cables that go up the mountain I just know the views would have been worth it and really want to go back and actually ride the cable cars! Allow at least half a day to visit the Sky Cab park because thankfully there’s a lot of other things to see there. It’s free entrance to the park but you do have to pay tickets for the various activities in the park. 

The park itself is lovely to walk around with bridges and lakes and lilipads 😇

7. Feed Rabbits

Disappointed after finding out the cable car was shut we were walking around the park when we noticed a gated area full of rabbits hopping about!

It was free to go into the enclosure but we bought a cup of carrots to feed the rabbits! There were so many! If you’re an animal love you don’t want to miss this!

8. 3D Art Museum

I think the best part of the Sky Cab park was the 3D Art Museum. We bought a wrist band for 30RM (£5)that allowed us access to the 3D Art Museum, Skybridge and Sky Dome, it was the same price as buying a ticket just for the museum, but the museum is definitely the best of the three. We had a lot of fun getting creative with the photos, and took so many! But I’ll include the best ones here:

9. Get a Banging Instagram Shot

I mean wherever there’s blue waters and palm trees is going to be perfect for your Instagram feed righttt 🌴🌊

We were actually really lucky and found a cafe that had this beautiful table and wooden structure set up on the beach, best part there was no one around! Now I will admit, I was a bit reluctant when Stef asked the waiter of take a photo of us, worried he’d judge us for it (what up social anxiety 🙄) buuuut I don’t regret it because well…..

This is hands dow the most Instagram worthy photo from the 300+ we took over 2 days in Langkawi! Only thing is, call me a perfectionist, but that towel on the back of Stef’s chair buggggs me, is it just me??? Anyways despite that I still love the photos, so let your artistic eye run wild and don’t miss out on a chance for an aesthetic snapshot 📷

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