• Europe

    BUDAPEST | Travel Series

    I started off 2020 with a 4 day tip to Budapest, Hungary! Luckily too because it was my last international trip before Covid-19 hit! We saw a lot of Budapest in 4 days, from Christmas markets to Medieval restaurants, castles and thermal baths!

  • Europe,  Greece

    SKIATHOS: Ultimate Island Guide

    But seriously, aside from getting an insta worthy photo, I love old Greek towns like Skiathos town centre. It feels a bit like walking back in time. If you venture past the souvenir shops and really get lost in the winding alleyways you can see that the way of living has probably not changed much in the last 50 years or so, and I love that.

  • Europe,  Greece

    Skiathos Island: Ultimate Beach Guide 🌊

    Skiathos is a small but beautiful Greek island in the Aegean Sea, part of the Northern Sporades group of islands. For such a small island it has some gorgeous beaches and in the 4 days that me and my two cousins were there, we managed to hit 4 different beaches! We went to 4 of the main beaches: Vomolimnos, Agia Eleni, Koukounaries and Lalaria. Keep reading for more info and photos of these stunning beaches! Vromolimnos Beach Now this one made us laugh when we first heard it’s name because “vromo” means ‘stinky’ in greek and ‘limno’ means port, so it’s basically called ‘Stinkyport Beach’ 😂. I am happy to…

  • Cyprus

    Why Should You Visit Larnaca Salt Lake?

    In the summer months, which in Cyprus is basically May-October, the water in the salt lake evaporates leaving behind the crunchy salt that's very amusing to walk on. I used to love coming here as a kid and crunching the salt under my feet, pretending that we were walking on the moon because why not 🌛.

  • Spain

    7 Stunning Places in Valencia

    Once you enter all you see is greenery, the sun shining through, birds chirping and it was a welcome break from walking through the busy streets all morning. We spent about a couple of hours here, relaxing on a bench, under the sun, taking it all in.

  • Cyprus

    A Village Getaway

    DROUSHIA, CYPRUS It was my first few days back in Cyprus for the summer of 2017. I was really excited to be back and see all my friends. One of my closest friends Maria had arranged a weekend away for us and a couple of other friends in Droushia. Droushia is a small village, population of 386 in the Paphos district, and not far from Polis Chrysochous. I grew up in Larnaca and so Paphos is one of the towns I only visited a handful of times as a kid however it has some amazing sites. Droushia is high up in the mountainous area and at 600m above sea level…