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Did You Know There’s a F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Cafe in Singapore?!

Now, if you didn’t know, I am a huge F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fan. I grew up watching it, I’ve seen every episode about 25473 times. It’s my comfort series, when I’m ill or feeling sad I just watch Friends and it comforts me. Also, watching Friends has actually been proven to soothe anxiety, so that’s probably why I enjoy watching it so much 😅.

Anyways, while I was in South East Asia, a few weeks before I planned to go to Singapore, I was scrolling on Instagram and saw a Friends themed cafe… IN SINGAPORE. I saved the location and well the first thing I did after arriving in Singapore was check it out of course! And this is what it was like…

First Thoughts

To be honest I wasn’t expecting much, I thought it would be a small cafe with the big orange couch and that would be it. But nope! It’s quite a large cafe, with plenty of tables and chairs. Half of the cafe is a literal recreation of the whole of Central Perk, as accurate as can be! Even the bar of the coffee shop is proportionate to the famous orange couch where our 6 friends spend most of their time.

The cafe also extends out with more tables and chairs to accomodate more people. I did expect it to be really busy, so I reserved a table a couple hours before hand just in case. But thankfully it wasn’t that busy which was great because we had more opportunities for photos!

Set Recreations

Also, the best part? Aside from the actual cafe they have a set recreation of Monica’s kitchen! And it looks so accurate! They also have a wall from Chandler and Joey’s apartment. As well as countless props and items from the show! Each character has their own dedicated section of props and things associated with them! It was so cool to walk around and see the level of detail put into it.

On the other side of the cafe which is meant to be the outside, it’s built to look like Central Perk from the street! And we were lucky enough to sit on a table by the big window overlooking ‘New York’.


Ok so this is a cafe and this is a coffee related blog soooo I have to talk about the coffee. One thing that impressed me was the menu! The amount of thought put into it is amazing! Every drink and dish references a character or episode of the show! Another thing that suprised me is that when you order a coffee you have to choose your coffee blend. And you can choose out of 6 characteristic blends deidicated to each character! How cool is that?! I went for Phoebe’s nutty blend! And it was gooood!


We were also starving so we ordered quite a bit of food 😅. We order Chandler’s Righteous Mac’n’Chees, Monica’s Vegetarian Lasagna and Phoebe’s Vegetarian Pizza. It was all delicious, a very heavy and cheesy meal but good nonetheless!

Watch Friends While You Eat!

I think probably the best part is that there’s a huge projector in the cafe that just plays episodes of Friends! So you can just sit there, eat you food, drink your coffee and watch Friends. I absolutely loved it!

I Also Vlogged Our Visit

If you wanna see more of the cafe and our experience, lucky for you I vlogged the whole thing! Check it out below and while you’re at it might as well subscribe to my channel for more travel related vlogs 😜.

Final Thoughts

I was really impressed with this cafe, the level of detail and dedication is what made it for me. As an avid fan I really appreciated noticing small references in the menu or in the decor!

Price wise, it’s not the cheapest place. But I mean Singapore isn’t really a cheap country to travel anyway. We were used to SE Asian prices so the €56 we spent seemed like a lot at first. But considering it’s a themed cafe and we did order two main dishes, a side and a coffee, it’s not that bad, compared to European prices.

Overall I definitely recommend visiting if you’re in Singapore! Especially if you just want to relax! We chilled there for a couple hours! If you’re a Friends fan and in Singapore this spot is a must visit!

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you’re adding this spot to your bucket list make sure to share with others too! Also make sure you’re following me on Instagram, Youtube and Facebook! You can also subscribe o my blog by entering your email address below/on the side. Until next time 😘.



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