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Exploring Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur

A couple of weekends ago, me and my boyfriend decided to head to Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur and explore! We’d done a bit of research that told us there were many markets, so our goal was to visit three of the markets and just explore what else Chinatown has to offer! We took the LRT line and got off at Pasar Seni station, and this is what we got up to:

Kasturi Walk

Our first stop was a 5m walk from the station: Kasturi Walk, the smallest of the markets we visited, it’s one road full of different stalls and vendors. They consisted of clothes stalls, souvenir stalls and various food and drink stalls. Which was perfect because we were looking for some breakfast! We came across a bakery-like stall that had various pastries. I tried a “coffee bun” I was obviously intrigued by the mention of coffee, although much to my disappointment I didn’t taste much coffee :(.

My favourite spot on Kasturi Walk, was a coffee pop up called The Good Cafe, because well they had soy milk! I can’t drink dairy milk, I mean I can but it makes me feel really sick, and even thought I don’t like my coffee too milky and can drink it black, sometimes I do like a bit of milk, preferably oat milk, but soy will do! Also they had really interesting flavours like chocolate mint latte and what I went for: a charcoal latte and it was gooooood.

Anyways after wondering around a bit we decided to go the the Central Market which is an indoor market right next to Kasturi walk.

Central Market

As soon as we we entered the Central Market my first thought was that it was a cross between an Asian market and a mall. It was quite big with a large variety of stalls and shops. Perfect for buying souvenirs and presents!

Petaling Street

We then ventured to Petaling Street, which for us was the main reason we visited Chinatown. It was about a 10m walk from Central Market. Petealing Street is a huge outdoor market, full of stalls, food courts and hidden cafes.

We had some lunch here at one of the food courts. I had a sizzling plate of seafood noodles which was really tasty!

Old China Kafe

With our bellies full we set off to find one of the many cafes in Chinatown. The one we were looking for is called Old China Cafe and much to our surprise it’s actually a restaurant! It’s a shame we had already eaten because the food looked amazing. Also the place is full of history, it’s one of the oldest traditional Chinese restaurants in KL.

We had a pot of peppermint tea along with a dessert call Sago Melaka Pearl. Which was basically black jellied rice soaked in coconut milk with a gula melaka syrup on top!

Take photos at Kwai Chai Hon

After our tea and dessert we stumbled upon Kwai Chai Hon. A street/square that I can only call an Instagram hotspot! There were colourful buildings, hanging lanterns, amazing wall pieces and art! And it was full of people taking photos, so of course we had to join in too!

And that was pretty much our day in Chinatown KL! I also vlogged the whole day, you can check out the video here:

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