I Recreated My Travel Photos While in Quarantine

When you’re stuck at home 24/7 for weeks on end, boredom gets the better of you. Which then results in lots of opportunities to get creative and entertain yourself. This worldwide quarantine period has sparked many internet challenges and a lot of hilarious content! My mum sent me an article the other day about a “Travel Challenge” going round, where people recreate their travel photos but at home. I immediately knew I had to jump on board πŸ˜…. I have so many travel photos, I’m bored out my mind and I love the opportunity to get creative with my camera! So that’s what I’ve been doing for the past 2 days, enjoy:

Firstly, I had to choose which photos I would attempt to recreate and I narrowed it down to 8, with vague ideas for each one! These are the 8 I chose:

1. Borneo Islands

Taken on a stunning beach while Island hopping around Malaysian Borneo 🏝. While in quarantine, I decided to perch on the edge of my bath tub πŸ˜‚.

Not quite the same thing is it?? πŸ˜‚ So the ones shot in the bathroom were a bit difficult as I didn’t have much room to work with! I’m too close to the camera, in comparison to the original. If I could have gotten a wider shot I would be happy with this one.

2. Bali Waterfall

This was the first waterfall I visited in Bali and it definitely did not disappoint 😍. For the quarantine version, I stood underneath my very weak shower πŸ˜….

No comparison whatsover! You can’t even tell the shower is on πŸ™„. Again I’m wayyyy to close to the shower! I had to try quite a few angles for this one!

3. Kuala Lumpur

This was in an infinity pool in Kuala Lumpur, a weekend trip I surprised my boyfriend with for our two year anniversary! I recreated this one again, in my bathtub. I also did a little drawing to help ☺️.

Yet again I’m too close and I couldn’t get my bathwater to reflect πŸ˜‚. But actually kinda proud of the drawing, ngl πŸ˜„.

4. Central Perk

This was taken in a Central Perk cafe in Singapore! Such a great spot for any Friends fan, so much attention to detail. You can watch a vlog from our visit here: The One Where We Hang Out At Central Perk.

I just set up a table and chairs in front of some sliding doors and put Friends on Netflix! This one was quite an easy one to recreate! The angle isn’t 100% right, but I’m pretty pleased with how it came out!

5. Hiking in Malaysia

This was taken while hiking the Wawasan Hill Trail, about 30m from KL city. It’s such a beautiful hike! You can watch the vlog here. For this one I decided to take it in our garden.

This one isn’t bad, I think it came out better than I expected! It is pretty similar to the original… well as much as it can be!

7. Rice Terraces in Bali

This is one of my favourite travel photos, and spots! Nothing compares to this view, especially at sunrise! I struggled a bit with recreating this photo, trying to find the right spot and angle.

But I got there in the end, 70 photos later…

This is one of my fave recreations. It was the hardest one but it paid off, don’t you think? They’re both taken in golden hour lighting except one is in the morning and the other in the afternoon!

7. Skiathos, Greece

This was on the beautiful island of Skiathos in Greece. Walking around the village full of pretty doors! I probably spent the least amount of time on this one, so the result is kind of shitty πŸ˜… but I was quite limited with locations and places to set up my phone!

Told you it’s a shitty pic πŸ’©. But kinda works for the comparison. Also isn’t that kind of the point of this challenge? The photos aren’t gonna be as great because you’re stuck at home…

8. Sunset in Borneo

I may have saved the best till last… This has to be my favourite sunset photo! Again in Kota Kinabalu, Borneo, where I’ve seen two of the best sunsets! πŸŒ… Seriously 2 out of the three nights we spent there, we were treated to stunning sunsets, you can watch my Kota Kinabalu Travel Series to see for yourself!

I waited till sunset and took these photos from the terrace. I was lucky enough to get a beautiful sunset! I mean we do get some beautiful sunsets in Larnaca, Cyprus! I actually really love the photos I got just by themselves πŸ˜‚ I guess that’s one thing we still can enjoy while in quarantine, sunsets πŸŒ‡. I think it looks pretty great as a recreation too!

I also made a video of my whole process of recreating the photos. Check it out and make sure to subscribe!

Well that was me recreating my fave travel photos! I hope you enjoyed and would love to see your recreations! Tag me on instagram @coffee_travel_repeat and make sure you’re following! Also subscribe to my Youtube channel where I make travel, photography and coffee related content!


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