Ipoh – An Artist’s Town

If you’re an artist, whether that be photographer, writer, painter or however you define ‘artist’, you’ll love Ipoh just as much as I do!

Ipoh is the capital of Perak, a Malaysian state. It’s about 205km north from Kuala Lumpur. We drove from Subang Jaya which took approximately 2 hours, but who doesn’t love a road trip? Especially when it’s quiet a scenic drive!

Ipoh is a very vibrant town, with quirky streets, cafes and creative street art! I loved the charming and inviting feel of this artistic town and enjoyed walking around, taking it all in. So I suggest just spending the day exploring it’s colourful streets and hunting down different wall murals!

Concubine Lane

I recommend beginning with Concubine Lane, a colourful alleyway with quirky shops, market stands and cafes.

The wall art, decorations and old buildings really make this mini market street a delight to walk down! As well as the bumbling atmosphere of people coming in and out. We were also offered samples of coconut ice cream and white coffee from various vendors!

There are shops and stalls selling anything from handmade harmonicas, to cacti and earrings. And I may have spent a bit too long picking out some earrings!

Explore the Town

Just walk around and take in the unique buildings and streets of Ipoh! As I said, I found it to be a very artistic town and you can see that in the way the old buildings have been transformed and the way the streets are decorated.

While walking around we stumbled upon a mosque with this geometric landscaping! I love a creative photo opportunity so had a bit of fun taking panoramas of this square…

What an creative pose…

Market Lane

My favourite street art was on Market Lane; a beautiful street covered in colourful umbrellas and lanterns:

Market Lane is not that far from Concubine Lane, probably about a 5 minute walk. What I loved about the street art here is that it was interactive, as well as the painting there were props to make you feel like you’re really a part of the painting! Like this one here where I sat and had a meal and conversation with – well a wall 😂

But my favourite photo is this one of me jumping with some local kids 😝

Lunch at a Food Court

Ipoh is known for it’s culinary scene, unfortunately though I feel like we didn’t get to experience as much of it as we would have liked. Saying that though we did eat at a couple of local food courts. One thing Ipoh is known for is Ipoh chicken with rice and beansprouts. I feel like when in doubt a food court is the way to go if it’s traditional local food you want! We also had some fried pork and it was goood!

We also found a cute little bakery not far from our hotel (Seemsoon Hotel) where I had a sugar coated doughnut that was delicious! I can’t remember the name of the bakery but it was on Jalan Yang Kalsom.

Visit a Coffee Shop

Ipoh is full of charming coffee shops! You will see many particularly by Concubine Lane, Market Lane and Kong Heng Square. Also Ipoh is well known for it’s “White coffee” but I’ll be writing another post soon about white coffee! We visited Old Town Coffee which we later realised is a chain. While you’re walking around keep an eye out for a coffee shop that you like! Keep in mind that most of them close by 5/6pm, we found that out the hard way!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my impression of Ipoh! If you have check out my post about how to spend a romantic evening in Ipoh! Also if you’re not already follow me on Instagram @coffee_travel_repeat and like my Facebook page to be notified about new posts! And if you’re planning visiting have a lovely time!

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