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KUALA LUMPUR | Travel Series


I lived in Malaysia for about 2 months, with my boyfriend who is studying there. Every weekend we made sure to do something adventurous or just explore Kuala Lumpur! From hiking through muddy greenery down to a waterfall, to swimming in an infinity pool over KL’s skyline 🏙. Lucky for you I vlogged it all 😉. Check it out and remember to subscribe to my channel!

We headed to Chinatown and visited three markets, including Petaling Street! 🏮 We even discovered one of the oldest traditional Chinese restaurants and had some tea and a traditional Chinese dessert 👀

One weekend, we got up at the crack of dawn and headed to the Wawasan Hill Trail. It was such a picturesque hike! So much tropical greenery 🌿. And it’s only about 30 minutes from the city! Crazy that such a beautiful trail and waterfall exists so close the the urban city!

While I was in Malaysia with Stefanos we were lucky enough to be able to celebrate 2 years of being together! We’ve been long distance from the beginning and rarely get to celebrate birthdays or holidays so we decided to do something special and surprise each other! ðŸ˜±

I planned a whole day on Saturday, Stef had no idea what was going on and then Stef planned Sunday! Unfortunately though, I could only vlog my day properly, but we do have photos from Stef’s day! 🎉

So one Sunday, we had planned to wake up early to visit the Batu caves… we did not wake up early 😑. Hey sometimes you just need a lie in ok? Ok. Well we decided to have a relaxed Sunday in the city. Starting off with a picnic in KLCC park 🌿 followed with a delicious oat milk coffee in a trendy cafe ☕️ and finishing off the evening with a stunning lightshow at KLCC 🌈.

Hope you enjoy this travel series! Make sure to subscribe to my channel and blog for more exciting travel content! Until next time 😘.



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