• Europe

    BUDAPEST | Travel Series

    I started off 2020 with a 4 day tip to Budapest, Hungary! Luckily too because it was my last international trip before Covid-19 hit! We saw a lot of Budapest in 4 days, from Christmas markets to Medieval restaurants, castles and thermal baths!

  • Spain

    7 Stunning Places in Valencia

    Once you enter all you see is greenery, the sun shining through, birds chirping and it was a welcome break from walking through the busy streets all morning. We spent about a couple of hours here, relaxing on a bench, under the sun, taking it all in.

  • Thailand

    10 Things You Must Do In Chiang Mai

    1. Visit the Night Market  Chiang Mai is filled with markets! Day markets, night markets, food markets but the Night Market, is probably the biggest one. It’s open every Sunday evening and spans roughly 10 blocks! The main road is closed off to cars and filled with stalls and people, but the market also branches off into courtyards either side of the main road. You can easily spend the whole evening getting lost in it and not even see the whole market! It does get very busy, down the main road of it, so if you don’t do too well with crowds, stick to the side streets and courtyards or…