• Cyprus

    Why Should You Visit Larnaca Salt Lake?

    In the summer months, which in Cyprus is basically May-October, the water in the salt lake evaporates leaving behind the crunchy salt that's very amusing to walk on. I used to love coming here as a kid and crunching the salt under my feet, pretending that we were walking on the moon because why not 🌛.

  • Malaysia

    9 Things Not To Miss In Langkawi

    1. Island Hopping If there’s one thing you’re going to take from this list it should be island hopping! I’m not saving the best till last this time 😌. Langkawi has many small islands surrounding it and there are different ways you can see them: One is with jet skis, rent jet skis and tour the islands yourself or with a guide. Jet skis can be a bit pricey (relatively) so what we did was go on a boat tour. It was a 3 hour tour, visiting three different islands. We got our boat tour from a place along Pantai Cenang beach. It only cost 50RM per person (£10) but…

  • Coffee,  Malaysia

    What is White Coffee? And is it Worth Trying?

    If you’ve visited Malaysia or done some research on where to go, chances are you’ve heard of ‘white coffee’. Specifically Ipoh white coffee,  a traditional type of coffee that originates from Old Town Ipoh. How is it Made? Beans used to make white coffee are roasted using palm oil margarine, giving it a lighter roast than traditional Malaysian black coffee. Black coffee beans are roasted with sugar margarine and wheat, creating a darker roast. Why “White Coffee”? However, it’s name does not come from the lighter coloured roast of the beans, instead it comes from the way the coffee is served. After the beans are brewed, the coffee is served…

  • Malaysia

    Ipoh – An Artist’s Town

    If you’re an artist, whether that be photographer, writer, painter or however you define ‘artist’, you’ll love Ipoh just as much as I do! Ipoh is the capital of Perak, a Malaysian state. It’s about 205km north from Kuala Lumpur. We drove from Subang Jaya which took approximately 2 hours, but who doesn’t love a road trip? Especially when it’s quiet a scenic drive! Ipoh is a very vibrant town, with quirky streets, cafes and creative street art! I loved the charming and inviting feel of this artistic town and enjoyed walking around, taking it all in. So I suggest just spending the day exploring it’s colourful streets and hunting…

  • Thailand

    The Most Beautiful Place in the World

    Yes that is a dramatic statement, but keep reading and you just might agree… I mean just look at these photos! And the photos don’t even do it justice! Now that you’re completely dazzled by the natural beauty of this elusive place, you must be wondering where it is… or what it is. Well firstly, it’s an orange orchard! Yes orchards aren’t just for apples and who knew an orange orchard could be so stunning? Set in the mountainous town of Fang in the northern Chiang Mai province of Thailand, Thanatorn Orange Farm it is one of Fang’s main attractions.     Arriving at Thanatorn Orange Orchard Even the drive…