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Most Unique Coffee in Malaysia

The most unique coffee I tasted was in Malacca, a state in the southwest peninsula of Malaysia. We visited it’s capital, Malacca city for two days. One morning we walked down Jonker street in search of somewhere to have breakfast 🍳. To be honest I just desperately wanted some coffee when we found a cute hipster-like cafe called The Stolen Cup:

I was planning on getting a simple black iced coffee but as I browsed the menu I noticed a “Gula Melaka Latte”… πŸ€” I’d never heard of this before so I asked our waitress what it was and she told me that gula melaka is palm sugar and that’s what the coffee is sweetened with! I don’t usually take sugar in my coffee but I’m alsways up for trying something new! Especially as this was something I’d never heard of before, so when in Rome… You could choose whether you wanted it hot or iced and I went with iced because well it was 30ΒΊ πŸ”₯

So this is the Gula Melaka iced coffee, complete with a palm leaf 🌴 The crushed ice and coffee blending into the milk made for a very visually pleasing coffee πŸ“·. Once I’d appreciated it’s appearance and taken a few (too many) photos, it was time for the taste test…

I don’t know what it is about iced coffee but I feel the sharp iciness ❄️ has a way of bringing out the taste of coffee. I don’t know if it’s because, growing up in Cyprus, frappes were my gateway to becoming a coffee addict but for me icy cold coffee always hits the spotπŸ‘ŒπŸ½. And the taste of this coffee was so smooth, also there was just the right amount of palm sugar that it complimented the coffee but didn’t overpower it. It wasn’t too sweet either, which I’m glad about because I don’t like overly sweet drinks. I think the ice helps to cut the sweetness a bit too. It may also have been the fact that I hadn’t had coffee in a couple of days (I know πŸ™„) but I couldn’t stop sipping at it, it was delicious! And one of the most unique coffees I’ve had! It was a nice treat too, I think with all the sugar it wouldn’t be something I’d have everyday but on a hot morning when you’re on holiday and need your caffeine fix it’s just right πŸ–. I definitely recommend giving the gula melaka coffee a try! Even if you don’t usually have sugar in your coffee, just to say you’ve tried it!

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